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Who I am

I gained my professional experience in school and family contexts as an educator and teacher first, as director of kindergarten and primary school then. I also collaborated in various educational and research projects.I graduated in Primary Education Sciences, I have a second level professional master's degree in Pedagogy and a specialization in the Montessori method for the 6-11 age group.I am an Applied behaviour analysis (Aba) tutor and behavior analyst.

I never tire of studying, learning, further explore, in a process of continuous training that keeps my vital spark lit.

I consider education a path that develops thanks to the synergistic collaboration of all the figures involved.

A child who is going through a difficult time, who is having problematic behaviours or who has special educational needs, needs to be understood and accepted with all his/her needs. This translates into appropriate educational actions.

Empathic observation is the first key to capturing his/her inner world.The educator’s duty is to help bring to light his/her unexplored baggage of resources in order to better face the daily challenges. For such reason, many years ago I undertook my pedagogical studies with passion and dedication.

An explorer by nature, as I child I grew up wondering about the great themes of existenceFor many years I have been working on myself looking for answers, like a student who is in this great school that is Earth, learning my lessons through life.

"Education is an art, the goal of which is nature itself"

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emilio)

Dott.ssa Silvia Troilo

+39 339 4193025


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