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Pedagogical advice: it can be a single session or several sessions, according to specific needs.

Educational tutoring: it is an educational path in support of the child and the family. It can be carried out at home and/or at school according to needs.

ABA: it is a path of design and implementation of educational and rehabilitation programs based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or with physical and mental disabilities.

Observation in context: dynamics are observed in the environment in which they occur, in order to gather information to create targeted interventions.

Pedagogical plan: at every stage of their lives children have specific developmental needs; moreover, each child has his/her personal characteristics and peculiarities, which is why he/she needs a suitable educational project, which helps and supports their growth.


Pedagogical advice (1 hour): 60 €

Counselling can be carried out through one single session or through a pedagogical and/or tutoring path.

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