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Pedagogical advise

The pedagogical counselling service is aimed at children, families, teachers, educators, and promotes the synergistic action of all the figures involved in the educational and growth processes.


It is a place to understand the educational needs and dynamics in progress, offering an empathic point of view and a professional response. It provides the educational guidance, support and planning necessary for families and children going through moments of difficulty or with special educational needs.

The approach is based on the principles of active pedagogy, the Montessori Method and the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). It is structured in focused interventions, for medium-short periods, with the aim of supporting and strengthening the autonomy of the child and a greater well-being of all the people involved.  


Through targeted interventions based on specific needs, I propose pedagogical tools and strategies that can be implemented in one's daily actions.


"Stimulating life, but leaving it free to develop, is the educator's first duty"

M. Montessori, Educating for Freedom


The Child

The empathetic observation of the child is the first key to grasping his/her inner world.

A child who goes through a difficult time, who has problematic behaviours or who has special educational needs, needs to be understood and welcomed with his/her needs. This translates into targeted and specific educational actions, aimed at improving the quality of his life and that of those close to him.

The family

Pedagogical counselling offers a competent and professional reference point and a space in which parents can find concrete answers.

Answers are an important tool to open a dialogue with your child that is the result of a path of deepening.

Pedagogical advice acts as a "translator" of different perspectives and provides valuable support in the search for these answers, when facing difficult moments, situations of change or unexpected problems and it proposes new ways of action.

The confrontation between parents and child can thus become a moment of growth that leads to the improvement of the relationship, lowers the conflict, opens up a new dialogue.


The School


The school already has professional figures responsible for education, but sometimes it is necessary to have a figure outside the school environment, who also provides the school with strategies and tools aimed at the specific needs of the child, and promotes a better understanding between the needs of the family and the school.

Pedagogical counselling offers this type of support and provides the necessary guidance in dealing with relational issues, behavioural problems and special educational needs, in order to obtain the best educational outcome for the child.

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